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Cloud Native Data Science and Analytics Solutions

Argot Nova is a Veteran-owned, Woman-owned small business based in Richmond, VA and serving clients around the world. Although we're generalists, we are especially skilled in:

  • Cloud Migrations and Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics in the Humanitarian Aid space
  • Cloud-Native application development, with special focus on price forecasting and geospatial modeling with Google Earth Engine
    Veteran-owned Woman-owned

Data Science and AI/ML

Using statistical and machine learning techniques to extract insights and knowledge from data, our expertise in data science can help clients make informed decisions based on their data and can enable them to optimize their business processes.

Cloud Architecture and Data Engineering

Designing, building, and maintaining data pipelines and infrastructure to support data processing and analytics, our proficiency in cloud migrations and data engineering as well as web analytics can help clients to efficiently manage and store their data and gain insights about user behavior, ensuring that data is processed and analyzed accurately and efficiently.

Full Stack Development

Experienced with R Shiny, Flask, Django, React, and NodeJS, we build and deploy applications for our clients. We also manage networking and security so that our clients have safe and reliable access to their apps around the world. Our applications have spanned agricultural land degradation, food price forecasting, affordability modeling, flood risk monitoring, and drought predictions, but we're excited for new topics and challenges too.


Here's some work we're especially proud of

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  • Geospatial
  • Forecasting
  • Web
Syria Agriculture and Land Monitoring Dashboard Syria Agricultural Monitoring App

Syria Agriculture and Land Monitoring Dashboard

Mercy Corps, Syria Crisis Analysis Team - 2024

Uses satellite imagery to monitor and assess agricultural land health to assist humanitarian organizations and Syrian farmers to improve planning for a less hungry future

Yemen Data Analysis Hub Yemen Food Price Forecasting App

Yemen Data Analysis Hub


Predicts hard-to-collect prices for food and hygeine items across Yemen as well as forecast future prices to assist with humanitarian cash and voucher program planning

LCAT-IOM Displacement Tracker Lebanon IOM Displacement Tracker

LCAT-IOM Displacement Tracker

Mercy Corps, Lebanon Crisis Analysis Team (LCAT) and United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) - 2023

Combines IOM displacement data with ACLED conflict events and aerial bombardment locations to help aid organizations plan and implement assistance for displaced people in Lebanon.

LCAT Daily Food Price Monitoring Application Lebanon Food Price Monitoring Application

LCAT Daily Food Price Monitoring Application

Mercy Corps, Lebanon Crisis Analysis Team (LCAT) - 2024

Scrapes, cleans, and forecasts Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) item prices to assist with humanitarian cash and voucher planning.

Mali Conflict Web Map Mali Conflict Web Map

Mali Conflict Web Map

Mercy Corps, Africa Regional Crisis Analysis Team

Maps and monitors a variety of conflict incidents with a focus on ethnic tensions as well as proximity to roads and water sources

LCAT Data Analysis Hub Lebanon Data Analysis Hub

LCAT Data Analysis Hub

Mercy Corps, Lebanon Crisis Analysis Team - 2022 to Present

Integrates food and fuel prices, consumer price indices, exchange rates, cash injections, and an Economic Vulnerability Index to help programming for cash and voucher assistance in Lebanon

Life Chapel Site Cloud Migration Life Chapel Wordpress Site

Life Chapel Site Cloud Migration

Life Chapel - 2024

Migrated and hosted Life Chapel's Wordpress site with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Our Dynamic Duo

Aubrey McAuliffe

Aubrey Smiley McAuliffe

Data Scientist, Full-Stack Developer, and Managing Director
Matt Sparr

Matt Sparr

Machine Learning Engineer and Full-Stack Developer

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